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Nice to meet you…

My name is Matt, and I’m the founder of Utama Studio.

I’m passionate about being my own boss, and helping other businesses and entrepreneurs thrive by creating the perfect online presence.

My primary professional background is in business analysis, which I have undertaken for a number of leading British Universities. In recent years, since leaving conventional employment to start my own business, I’ve transferred that skillset to the world of web design and digital marketing.

I’m a keen photographer too, and when I’m not working on client projects on my computer you’ll find me on some photographic adventure somewhere! I particularly enjoy shooting portraits and will often work with entrepreneurs to create a website and the images required for that and a social media presence.

My professional journey has led me to specialise in what I call ‘Online Presence Optimisation’. This involves working with businesses and entrepreneurs to identify the best ways to improve their online presence to reach the goals of their business.

This process is focused on a simple yet crucial goal – to make more customers for your business.

No two businesses are exactly the same, so the methods we use to achieve that outcome depend on your specific business needs. Based on what these are, working with me might include:

  • Identifying the single most important message your business has for your customers, and how best to present that
  • Creating a coherent online presence for your brand across the most appropriate online channels
  • Optimising your website so your audience are led to take the exact actions you want them to
  • Web design
  • Creating sales funnels

Whilst formulating our unique approach to the art of online presence, we’ve worked with unique and inspiring clients from all corners of the globe. We look forward to working with you.

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