'Foundation' Websites

What is a ‘Foundation’ Website?

A Foundation website is a live, fully functioning website designed so you can proudly represent your business or project online, even when you are working to a limited budget.

It is made within the funds you have available, and includes the essential features and functions you need to successfully reach and convert your audience.

It is built within certain constraints, so we might not be able to strive for perfection in every area the way we can in projects with a larger budget.

A Foundation website includes the following:


A live, fully functioning, stylish, modern and professional looking website


Your branding, images and copy, supplied by you and elegantly incorporated into the website by us


Your core messages clearly and prominently displayed, so your customers understand your offer and what they need to do


A way for your customers to contact you to purchase, book or enquire about your services


A blog component, if you require one


Mailing list signup forms and integration with your mailing list provider


The main pages your audience would expect to find on a professional website: Home, About, Services, Contact, Privacy Policy (there might be some flexibility around this depending on your needs)


It’s a great foundation from which your website can grow and evolve, without having to spend a lot of money at the outset

Why do we offer ‘Foundation’ websites?

Sometimes customers come to us with the specifications of their ideal website, but might be a little short of the financial resources required for us to create that vision completely.

Because we don’t like to see a lack of funds preventing great projects from getting off the ground, we developed the concept of ‘Foundation’ websites.

These are still high quality, professional websites, but they don’t have the same time or resources devoted to them as full projects.

They make a great foundation for future development, and are ideal for getting your project going with limited resources.

What isn’t included?

Because Foundation websites are made for projects with limited resources, you should consider the following differences with projects that benefit from a full budget:

  • We cannot make extensive revisions to your website based on your feedback, but we promise to create a fit-for-purpose, professional website for you 
  • Aesthetically, your website might not be the fullest expression of the website you have in mind, but in time we can make it so with additional work
  • We cannot take the extra time to setup premium plugins or create special functionality. For example, you might need a sophisticated booking and payment system, but it might be that for now your customers need to contact you directly for this.
  • Our priority is getting the main functionality and messages in place, so we cannot spend so much time perfecting the look and feel. It will still be nice, and this can be developed later on when you are ready.

The great thing about Foundation websites is that when more budget becomes available, we can develop your website further. Eventually you will have the perfect online presence. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about Foundation websites.

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